Pre and Post Conference Events

Pre and post conference events are being held on Monday 7 December and Friday 11 December. The information will continue to update as information is confirmed.

Understanding Infectious Disease Modelling - Pre-Conference Workshop

Date: Monday 7 December 2020

Start Time: 12:00pm AEDT

Finish Time: 3:00pm AEDT

Hosted by: The Peter Doherty Institute for Infection and Immunity

Facilitated by: Prof. Jodie McVernon, Dr. Patricia Campbell, Associate Prof. Kathryn Glass


Public health and biosecurity responses to infectious disease outbreaks can be informed by disease modelling. This introductory workshop will give participants an understanding of infectious disease models and their value for public health. The workshop will cover the use of modelling to examine disease causes and to assess strategies for control in the context of a variety of infectious diseases.

This workshop provides an excellent opportunity for students and researchers with an interest in the topic to see a broad range of modelling techniques applied to disease transmission. No prior detailed knowledge of modelling infectious diseases or epidemiology is required, and only high school level mathematics is needed.

Learning Outcomes

Exposure to a broad range of modelling techniques applied to disease transmission, and demonstration of how these techniques can support decision-making.

Tackling COVID-19 in Australia using genomics - Post-Conference Symposium

Date: Friday 11 December 2020

Start Time: 1:00pm AEDT

Finish Time: 2:45pm AEDT

Hosted by: Communicable Diseases Genomics Network

Session Chair: Professor Deborah Williamson, CDGN Co-chair


  • Professor Benjamin Howden, CDGN Co-chair, MDU PHL

  • Dr Alicia Arnott, ICPMR, NSW

  • Dr Joep de Ligt, ESR, New Zealand

  • Dr Norelle Sherry, MDU PHL, Victoria

  • Dr Anders Goncalves da Silva, MDU PHL, Victoria

  • Dr Rebecca Rockett, ICPMR, NSW

To download the program, please click here.


The Communicable Diseases Genomics Network (CDGN) is an Expert Reference Panel of the Public Health Laboratory Network (PHLN), established to advance public health in Australia and New Zealand through the implementation of microbial genomics to support communicable disease control activities. The CDGN is supporting implementation of genomics for SARS-CoV-2 across Australia, with support from the Medical Research Future Fund.


This symposium will explore how microbial genomics is used for public health in Australia and New Zealand, and the implementation of microbial genomics to track SARS-CoV-2, covering the following themes:

  • Progress and challenges of implementation of pathogen genomics for SARS-CoV-2  

  • Contribution and value of genomics to tracking the COVID-19 pandemic

  • Genomic data quality and communication

  • SARS-CoV-2 mutations and their relevance

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