Satellite event refers to any activity which is independently organised, offered, and/or accredited by an organisation other than the Public Health Association of Australia; and held before, during or after the Public Health Prevention Conference 2018.


As information becomes available on satellite events the information will be added below.

Breakfast Satellite Event

Event Name: CSIRO Precision Health Breakfast

Date: Thursday 3 May 2018

Venue: Robinson/William Rooms, Sydney Boulevard Hotel

Start Time: 7:30am

Finish Time: 8:30am

Cost: No charge, complimentary to attend

Registration: Register via the conference online registration form hereNumbers are limited.

What is precision health?
Precision Health is a key component of precision medicine but focuses on keeping people healthy by better anticipating and preventing disease using tailored approaches. It is an emerging approach for disease prevention and treatment that takes into account variations in genes, environment, and lifestyle for individuals or groups.
Precision Health focuses on helping people live healthier lives for longer through delivery of relevant, cost-effective, contemporary and tailored products, programs and services. Precise solutions will be informed and facilitated through understanding the intersection of complex health, environment, consumer behaviour and lifestyle factors, and using those insights to assist individual and health professional decision-making.
The impact of precision health is accelerating, through advances in biosciences (gene sequencing, epigenetics, precision nutrition, microbiome and epigenetics) and digital technologies (data analytics, artificial intelligence, biosensors and digital health strategies), creating a data driven precision health ecosystem.
How do precision health and public health intersect?
Understanding, measuring and monitoring health determinants and their impact is a common framework for both precision and public health.
Both precision health and public health have the same goal of preventing disease, prolonging life and promoting health. This is consistent with the approach taken in the Global Charter for the Public’s Health that focuses on Protection, Prevention and Health Promotion. 
Discussion Points
How can Precision Health and Public Health leverage synergies to keep people healthier for longer?
How do we maximise equity in health outcomes?
Does individualisation matter?
Is there an impetus for Precision Public Health?

Pre-Conference Satellite Event

Event Name: How do we do more? Systemic inquiry processes for prevention and public health

Date: Tuesday 1 May 2018

Venue: UTS Building 10 on Level 7, 235 Jones Street, Ultimo

Start Time: 9am

Finish Time: 5pm

Cost: No charge, complimentary to attend

Registration: Register via the conference online registration form hereNumbers are limited.

This workshop will introduce a systemic inquiry process as outlined by the Systems Change in Public Health Framework, developed by The Australian Prevention Partnership Centre, DHHS Tasmania and the University of Tasmania.


The workshop will provide practical activities to unpack and generate an understanding of a complex problem from the ground up, providing insights that will inform how to intervene in the problem. You will learn how to apply a suite of inter-related learning activities, from identifying a complex problem, to gaining clarity of the system, finding the points of leverage, intervening, and finally learning and adapting.


Please note, we will not be working with technology-based systems modelling tools in this workshop, nor will we be discussing how to create a systems-based approach for population health policy.


Seanna Davidson

The Australian Prevention Partnership Centre


Workshop hosted by:


Post-Conference Satellite Event

Event Title: Dynamic simulation modelling symposium: A what-if tool for prevention policy, planning and evaluation

Date: Friday 4 May 2018

Venue: Sydney Boulevard Hotel, Sydney NSW

Start time: 12.00 noon – lunch will be included for registered participants

Finish time: 2.30pm – with networking and refreshments until 3.00pm

Cost: Free

Registration: Register via the conference online registration form here. Numbers are limited.

The Prevention Centre is pioneering the use of dynamic simulation modelling to guide public health policy, planning and evaluation in Australia.


This symposium will present the findings of our models in the areas of tobacco control, childhood overweight and obesity and gestational diabetes, and will canvas future directions for dynamic simulation modelling in Australia.

Who should attend?

This event is aimed at those who use dynamic simulation modelling, policy makers who may need to know more about our work, and researchers who are interested in participating in or using dynamic simulation modelling.

You will have the opportunity to network, share experiences, provide feedback and discuss how best to build national capacity in this area.

About dynamic simulation modelling

Dynamic simulation models are sophisticated computer models that enable decision makers to test the likely outcome of interventions or combinations of interventions before they are implemented in the real world.

Based on a variety of evidence sources such as research, expert knowledge, practice experience and data, the models are able to simulate various policy scenarios over time to measure both the effect on individuals and the system as a whole.



Diana Freeman

The Australian Prevention Partnership Centre



Workshop hosted by:


Post-Conference Satellite Event

Event Title: Prevention Policy Workshop
Date: Friday 4 May 2018
Venue: Sydney Boulevard Hotel, Sydney NSW
Start time: 12.45pm (lunch will be included for registered participants at 12:15pm)
Finish time: 3:00pm
Cost: Free, numbers are limited

About the Event
You are invited to join the Prevention Policy Workshop. We are calling on senior health promotion and public health professionals to share your expertise and contribute to the development of a joint Prevention Policy on behalf of the Public Health Association of Australia (PHAA) and the Australian Health Promotion Association (AHPA).

AHPA and PHAA have agreed to jointly develop a Prevention Policy that clearly positions health promotion and illness prevention as key contributors to population health and wellbeing. It is intended that the Policy be endorsed by both governing bodies in line with organisational conventions and once adopted can then be used to form the foundation of a joint Prevention
Position Statement to be used in arguing for greater investment in prevention.

This is your opportunity to help inform the key messages and calls to action of the Prevention Policy. It is critical that the Policy draws on evidence from the academic literature and the expertise and practice wisdom of leaders in the field.