The following information is provided to assist presenters with the preparation and delivery of their presentation.


Presentation Types

Long Oral Presentations

Each session will have 6 presenters. Presenters will have 15 minutes for presentation. Please ensure that you stick within your 15 minute presentation time to not encroach on another presenter’s time. 

To download the full fact sheet for Long Oral Presentations, please click here.


Rapid Fire Presentations (short oral)

Presentations will go for 6 minutes and each session will have 11 presenters.

Presenters will have a total of 6 minutes presentation time using up to three power point slides (1. Beginning (background) > 2. middle (body) > 3. End). Please ensure that you stick within 6 minutes to not encroach on another presenter’s time.

To download the full fact sheet for Rapid Fire Presentations, please click here.

Table Top Presentations

Table tops act as a pathway for networking and sharing of information directly with delegates in an interactive setting. Table Tops involve multiple presenters, with each presenter at a round table of up-to 9 participants.

Presentations will be a total of 12 minutes’ duration. It is up to you how you wish to divide your 12 minutes between presenting and discussion time. Once your 12 minutes is up, music will start playing and you will need to move to the next table number then repeat your presentation. 

Only 1 speaker is able to present a table top. Dual presenters are not permitted.

To download the full fact sheet for Table Top Presentations, please click here.

Poster Presentations

Designated periods have been allocated in the program when presenters will attend their posters to take questions and discuss their work.​

‘Presenting’ your poster is not a formal presentation, but an informal opportunity to talk about your work with delegates. It simply means that you stand near your poster so that people who want to discuss the work/your results with you have an opportunity to do so.


You do not need to send a copy of your poster in advance - simply bring your poster with you when you come to conference.

To download the full fact sheet for Poster Presentations, please click here.



​​All presenters are encouraged to consider the learning outcomes for the audience when preparing your presentation. What are the take away messages that you can provide the audience, how can you improve their knowledge and skills?

If you are using a PowerPoint presentation please ensure that each slide is clear and readable for the audience. Use dot points or images to convey the important messages and elaborate on each point/image while presenting. Please do not overpopulate the slide with information and make it hard for the audience to read or follow. Presentation format is 16:9.

If you are planning to use a video or audio please email and we will endeavour to accommodate your request. 

Presenter Registration

All abstract presenters must register to attend the conference. To register, please click here.

Please note: standard registration cancellation fees will apply.

Accessibility of Presentations

PowerPoint presentations tend to be highly visual, and people who are blind or have low vision can understand them more easily if you create your slides with accessibility in mind.

You can check the accessibility in PowerPoint using the Accessibility Checker. For more information on checking accessibility visit the Microsoft Office website to assist in making your presentation accessible, it gives you step-by-step instructions to make your PowerPoint presentations accessible to people with disabilities.

Acknowledgement of Country

We encourage speakers to do an Acknowledgement of Country when they present during the Conference. An Acknowledgement of Country is an opportunity for anyone to show respect for Traditional Owners and the continuing connection of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples to Country. There are no set protocols or wording for an Acknowledgement of Country, though often a statement may take the following forms. [1]

General: I’d like to begin by acknowledging the Traditional Owners of the land on which we meet today. I would also like to pay my respects to Elders past and present.

Specific: I’d like to begin by acknowledging the Traditional Owners of the land on which we meet today, the (people) of the (nation) and pay my respects to Elders past and present.


[1] Reconciliation Australia

Uploading your Presentation

Speakers will be provided with the opportunity to upload their presentation before the conference or onsite at the conference. Speakers will be sent an email 1 week out from the conference start date with instructions of how to upload their presentations. Speakers are encouraged to upload their presentations before the conference or at least a minimum of 2 hours before their presentation.

Please note that if you upload your presentation in the break before your session, there may be a delay in getting it ready due as these are peak times for the speaker’s preparation room.

Intellectual Property

Presenters should be aware that attendees of their sessions may take images of their presentation to share on social media. If you do not wish to have your presentation or research shared via social media, we encourage you to make an announcement before, and during, the presentation. The following image can also be used on slides you do not wish to be photographed and shared.

If you require any further information please contact the PHAA Events Team,

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