The Special Edition - Australasian COVID-19 Virtual Conference will be held from Tuesday 8 to Thursday 10 December 2020 and is convened by the Communicable Diseases Network Australia, the Public Health Laboratory Network, the Australasian Society for Infectious Diseases and the Public Health Association of Australia.

While COVID-19 unfolds as the biggest health crisis in a century, it is vital to take time out to review and share the experiences and lessons learned to date. We also aim to bring together the experts to think through the available science and discuss the next steps in pandemic and disease management and explore the best ways forward.

This conference is for those focused on the public health and clinical challenges of COVID-19, with an emphasis on seeking the best solutions among the uncertainty and promoting best practice in a fast-evolving emergency.


The Conference objectives are to:

  • Create an environment for knowledge sharing, collaboration and relationship building;

  • Highlight activities that nationally-funded Centres of Research Excellence have undertaken that demonstrate collaboration across sectors and disciplines to achieve better health outcomes for Australians;

  • Engage professionals across multiples sectors and disciplines in preventing, detecting, controlling and managing COVID-19;

  • Provide guidance and insight into capacity building and strengthening knowledge, especially among high-risk populations;

  • Provide conference delegates with new and innovative ideas that can be applied to local settings and systems to help create and improve health systems for local and diverse communities.


The conference will aim to facilitate conversations and discuss the next steps in pandemic and disease management and explore the best ways forward.

The target audience will be stakeholders able to effect and/or influence change at the systems and/or practice level including:

  • Infectious disease epidemiology;

  • Microbiology;

  • Academia;

  • Clinical, public health, policy, laboratory and vaccine research and practice

  • Commonwealth, state and local government – Ministers/ministerial staff, and health and social sector department representatives; and

  • Non-government organisations/community and social sector provider and advocacy organisations.