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Welcome from the Co-Chairs

Welcome to this special edition conference on COVID-19 in Australia.


The Public Health Association of Australia are holding this conference with the support of a range of public health networks and associations, including Communicable Diseases Network Australia, Public Health Laboratory Network, and Australasian Society of Infectious Diseases. It is a fantastic line up that we have speaking at the conference, including some amazing speakers from Australia and international settings. It is disappointing that we can’t meet face-to-face for the conference, which is always one of the highlights for me. I love meeting people and chatting in the foyer (which often means I miss sessions!). With this online conference, it is great that we can hear from each other and connect online. There are some additional benefits, such as on-demand proffered paper sessions; you can now listen to them at any time you like! The work of Australasian public health, laboratory and clinical staff has been amazing this year and I am looking forward to hearing all about it!


Warmest regards,

Martyn Kirk PhD

Co-chair, Special Edition - Australasian COVID-19 conference

What a year it has been! We are delighted to welcome a diverse group at this special edition conference on COVID-19 in Australasia - ID physicians, microbiologists, public health professionals, scientists, researchers. This virtual meeting is taking advantage of the technology that has played such a big part in our lives this year by connecting us virtually and allowing us to engage with each other. Many people who would not otherwise be able to physically attend will be able to join the conference. 

This has been a year like no other for many people speaking at this event. The pandemic has brought together clinicians (ID physicians, infection control nurses, microbiologists) and public health practitioners like never before, and we've all learned a lot about each other’s worlds from this experience. This conference is therefore a wonderful opportunity to understand the challenges that we have faced in 2020, but more importantly to take time out to think through the available science, discuss the approach to pandemic and disease management and look to the future. 

It's a pleasure on behalf of the Australasian Society for Infectious Diseases, and along with the Public Health Association of Australia, the Communicable Diseases Network Australia, and the Public Health Laboratory Network to invite participants to join us. See you online!

Katie Flanagan
Co-chair, Special Edition - Australasian COVID-19 Virtual Conference


We would like to thank the following sponsors and exhibitors for their support of the Special Edition - Australasian COVID-19 Virtual Conference.

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